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Availability: Obsolete
OBSOLETE: Remote Analog 8-channel I/O Unit Extender

Production Specification

** This item is obsolete and no longer available. **
Remote Analog 8-channel I/O Unit Extender
Specifications are not currently available for this product.

Analog Expansion Brick - Instructions

Opto 22 G4LAX and G4RAX analog expansion bricks each allow up to eight additional Opto 22 G4 analog I/O modules to be used with Opto 22 G4A8L and G4A8R analog bricks. The G4LAX expansion brick is used with the local G4A8L analog brick, and the G4RAX expansion brick is used with the remote G4A8R analog brick.

Mistic Installation Guide

Guide for configuring and installing the Mistic 200 System.

SNAP PAC System Migration Technical Note

This document describes migration options for customers integrating the SNAP PAC System with older Opto 22 systems. It explains the SNAP PAC System's similarities and differences with earlier systems, defines legacy products, and shows how to mix old and new hardware.

Customers moving to the SNAP PAC System may also want to consult form #1693, Legacy and Current Product Comparison and Compatibility Charts.

UL Approval Document

This document lists all Opto 22 part numbers that have the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approval.

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