MQTT Transmission with Sparkplug messaging, available through both groov EPIC and the groov Edge Appliance, offers advantages for both on-premises and remote data communication.

groov EPIC systems in industrial areas connect to sensors and actuators through their own I/O and through other PACs, PLCs, and RTUs, and publish and subscribe to data through the MQTT broker.

At the main site, Ignition Edge and the groov Edge Appliance also publish and subscribe data through the broker, while providing database connectivity and system visualization.

MQTT/Sparkplug Advantages

  • Designed for industrial systems
  • Device-originating communications
  • Centralized security management at broker
  • Data reported by exception. on change only
  • Lightweight data communications
  • Fewer communication links
  • Much less traffic on network
  • Ideal for intermittent connections
  • Broker can be located onsite or offsite
  • No need for VPNs or open firewall ports
  • Less reliance on IT departments

“We disconnected a controller and within a millisecond the system reported the failure. It really is that easy: change a variable and it shows up in the broker, then on your mobile phone.”

- Frank Fisher, engineering superintendent, Waterford DPW

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