Choose your options for OPC UA communications.

Your groov EPIC system and your groov RIO module can both communicate using the OT standard OPC UA. These groov products offer the following OPC UA Server options. Each server is independent, provided by software running on the EPIC or RIO. You can use multiple servers at the same time to meet your project requirements.

  • Native, built-in OPC UA server (in groov EPIC/RIO firmware 3.4 and higher)—Authorized OPC UA clients can access I/O values, PID values, Scratch Pad areas, and, on groov EPIC, PAC Control strategies. Use groov Manage to enable the server. Some authorized clients include Ignition, groov View, and third-party applications.
  • Node-RED OPC UA Server nodes—Download these nodes and give clients access to Node-RED messages and flows.
  • Ignition and Ignition Edge OPC UA server—Running on groov EPIC or the groov RIO MM2 model, Ignition's server gives access to Ignition tags, including any third-party device connections configured via Ignition's built-in drivers. groov View can be a client for this server.
  • CODESYS—If you're running a CODESYS application on groov EPIC or groov RIO, you can use its server to gain OPC UA access to the CODESYS program and I/O. On groov EPIC, groov View can also be a client for this server.

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