Build your own custom applications using languages you know, and run them on an open, Linux®-based automation system.

If you use C/C++, Python, Java, or other languages, you can use what you already know to build custom applications and run them on the groov EPIC processor or groov RIO edge I/O module through Secure Shell access (SSH).

The SSH protocol (Secure Shell) provides a secure remote login from one computer device to another. With strong authentication options (including passwords and public key authentication), plus strong encryption protection for communication security and integrity, SSH offers secure access for both users and automated processes. 

With SSH, you can use popular programming languages to build custom device interfaces and applications. You can also install third-party applications found in Opto 22’s secure repository, all of which are tested and cryptographically signed by Opto 22 to ensure safe operation with groov EPIC and groov RIO.

What makes it possible for an automation controller or edge I/O module to run applications built in standard languages? Both EPIC and RIO processors run an open-source Linux OS. Opto 22's commitment to open, non-proprietary standards in automation gives you new options for control and I/O systems.

Get a free SSH license for groov EPIC or groov RIO (part number GROOV-LIC-SHELL) and use it with toolchains and interpreters for Java, C/C++, Python, JavaScript/Node.js and more. 

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