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OptoDriver Toolkit for mistic I/O and Optomux

Production Specification

The OptoDriver Toolkit for mistic I/O and Optomux contains the drivers and documentation necessary for direct communication between application programs running on a PC and Opto 22 mistic and Optomux I/O systems. Applications can be developed using languages such as Microsoft C++ or Microsoft Visual Basic.

The OptoDriver Toolkit is most useful for those who want to communicate with mistic serial brains, using the mistic protocol.

NOTE for Optomux users: The OptoDriver Toolkit does not support Ethernet-based brains and does not support communication over Ethernet with E1 and E2 brains. Although you can use this toolkit for serial Optomux communications with E1, E2, B1, B2, and serial B3000 brains, a newer toolkit that handles both serial and Ethernet Optomux is preferable for Windows 2000/XP systems: Optomux Protocol drivers and utilities. The Opto Driver Toolkit is useful, however, for those who have an existing Optomux application based on an older version of the OptoMWD driver for Windows 32-bit or Windows 16-bit systems.

IMPORTANT: The OptoDriver Toolkit is available free of charge. To install it, however, you must supply this password: 12DROWSY98

For Ethernet-based systems, see the SNAP PAC .NET Toolkit or the SNAP PAC C++ Toolkit, and the OptoMMP Protocol Guide.


PC-Based I/O Overview

This document shows examples of system architecture for PC-based I/O control systems and lists Opto 22 products that work together for PC-based control. System examples include:

  • Ethernet systems using SoftPAC, a software-based programmable automation controller programmed with PAC Control
  • Ethernet systems using the OptoMMP protocol
  • Direct control of I/O using no I/O processor (no brain)
  • High-speed control using the Pamux protocol
NOTE: Before choosing to use a PC for control, consider groov EPIC.  A groov EPIC processor offers many features similar to a PC, such as a Linux OS with optional secure shell access; cybersecurity features; Ethernet, USB, and HDMI ports; and the ability to run the control program and HMI on the same hardware. In addition, a groov EPIC system offers real-time control using traditional programming languages; guaranteed-for-life I/O on the same chassis; industrial toughness for hazardous locations; and easier integration with company computer networks, manufacturing, business, and facility systems, and cloud-based services & software.

OptoDriver Toolkit for Custom PC-based Control Data Sheet

The OptoDriver Toolkit provides the tools necessary to build custom PC-based control and SCADA solutions using Opto 22 I/O systems and controllers.

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