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OBSOLETE OptoEMU Sensor Manager

Production Specification

** This product is Obsolete.**

OptoEMU Sensor Manager software is used to configure an OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit (part number OPTOEMU-SNR-3V, OPTOEMU-SNR-DR1, or OPTOEMU-SNR-DR2), and to update the Sensor with new firmware and software.

This configuration utility is a free download.

To update an existing Sensor, you will also need the OptoEMU Sensor Update File.
Specifications are not currently available for this product.

OptoEMU Sensor Communication Guide

OptoEMU Sensor™ Energy Monitoring Units monitor the electrical energy used in your facility and then deliver that data to applications so you can see it, analyze it, and take steps to reduce energy costs.

The OptoEMU Sensor can provide data to web-based or local software services; to control systems based on Opto 22’s PAC Project™ software and Modbus/TCP; to OPC clients; and to standard SQL databases. This Communication Guide shows you how to communicate with the Sensor in all these ways.

NOTE: To install and use the OptoEMU Sensor and see energy data through online software services such as Pulse Energy and eSight, see Form 1932, OptoEMU Sensor User's Guide. If you are using the Sensor only with these online services, you do not need this Communication Guide.

OptoEMU Sensor User's Guide

The OptoEMU Sensor monitors energy usage in your facility so you can track energy data and reduce costs. This document describes how to install and use the OptoEMU Sensor and the optional auxiliary box.

OptoEMU Sensor Update File

This file updates an OptoEMU Sensor (OPTOEMU-SNR-3V, OPTOEMU-SNR-DR1, or OPTOEMU-SNR-DR2) to use current firmware and software.

You must have OptoEMU Sensor Manager software in order to install this update file. For update instructions, see the Maintenance chapter in the OptoEMU Sensor User’s Guide (form 1932).

OptoEMU Sensor Data-Sharing Strategy

This is a PAC Control strategy tag database (idb) file that enables you to access energy data in the OptoEMU sensor for use by PAC Display HMIs, OPC clients, and common SQL databases.

You do not need this file unless you are using data from the Sensor in one of these ways.

If you need this file, download it and save it to a permanent location on your PC. Read the OptoEMU Sensor Communication Guide (form 1958) for details on how to use the Data-Sharing Strategy.

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