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Opto 22 MIB file for SNMP v1-compliant Management Systems

Production Specification

OPTOMIB1 is a management information base (MIB) file that describes the Opto 22 network objects, such as SNAP Ethernet-based brains or controllers, that can be managed using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). If you are using SNAP Ethernet systems with an SNMP v1.0-compliant management system, such as Computer Associates' Unicenter®, Hewlett-Packard's OpenView®, or IBM's Tivoli®, you need this free product.

NOTE: The 2014 update for this file includes all channels of high-density digital (HDD) starting with SNAP PAC firmware 9.4b.

NOTE: If your management system is compliant with SNMP v2.0, use OPTOMIB2 instead.

This MIB file is used with SNMP 1.0-compliant management systems. If your management system uses SNMP v2.0, download OPTOMIB2 instead.

To use this 1.0 OptoMIB to access the scratch pad area of a SNAP Ultimate brain, the brain must have PAC firmware version 5.0 or higher installed.

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