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Modbus Integration Kit for PAC Control

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Production Specification

This Modbus Integration Kit for PAC Control R9.3a and higher allows Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers using PAC Control to communicate using the Modbus Serial RTU, Modbus Serial ASCII or Modbus/TCP protocol.

NOTE: The September 2015 update to this kit (version R9.3a and higher) was a major rewrite including a change to the subroutine's passed parameters. The new kit is much easier to use. However, upgrading from a previous version of this kit will require modifying your existing PAC Control strategy logic.

The Integration Kit contains Modbus Master subroutines and a Master example strategy, plus a Slave subroutine and a Slave example strategy.

To get started, see form 2164, the Modbus Integration Kit Technical Note. Complete documentation for using the kit is included in the kit's subroutines.

NOTE: If you are using an older version of this integration kit that does not contain documentation within the strategy and subroutines and you do not want to change kits, see form 2009 for documentation of the older kit.
To include the PAC Control master subroutines in your strategy, you need:
  • PAC Project (Basic or Professional) R9.3a or higher
  • A PC running PAC Control software and the Modbus Integration Kit
  • A SNAP PAC controller with PAC firmware R9.3 or higher, or SoftPAC software-based controller R9.3 or higher

Using Modbus Devices with Opto 22 Products Technical Note

This technical note introduces the Modbus protocol and gives you basic information for using it to communicate between Opto 22 products and other devices. Because Modbus and Modbus/TCP are handled differently by various manufacturers, the tech note describes specific areas that may be a concern and includes troubleshooting suggestions.

README for Modbus Integration Kit for PAC Control

This README file lists the changes made to the Modbus Integration Kit for PAC Control.

Modbus Integration Kit for PAC Control Technical Note

The Modbus Integration Kit for PAC Control (part number PAC-INT-MB) allows Opto 22 hardware controllers using PAC Control to communicate using the Modbus Serial RTU, Modbus Serial ASCII, or Modbus/TCP protocol. It also allows a SoftPAC software-based controller to communicate using Modbus/TCP.

As of September 2015 this kit was redesigned for ease of use. This technical note describes the new integration kit and gives you some important information for using it. Complete documentation for the kit is included in the kit's sample strategy and subroutines.

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Video: SNAP PAC System Overview

This overview describes the four integrated components of the SNAP PAC system: software, controllers, brains and I/O. This hardware and software system is designed for industrial control, remote monitoring and data acquisition.