The following table compares the features in version 9.6 of PAC Project Basic™ and PAC Project Professional™. Download this table as a pdf.
For more information about controllers, see Opto 22 form 1677, SNAP PAC Controller and Brain Comparison Chart
Feature   Basic Pro
Included software PAC Control™ Basic x x
PAC Control Professional   x
PAC Display™ Basic x x
PAC Display Professional   x
PAC Manager™ x x
OptoOPCServer™   x
OptoDataLink™   x
SoftPAC™   x
Control Software: PAC Control
Compatible controllers SNAP PAC S-series standalone industrial controllers x x
SNAP PAC R-series on-the-rack controllers x x
SoftPAC software-based controller x x
Compatible brains Built-in I/O unit (in SNAP PAC R-series controllers) x x
SNAP PAC brains x x
G4EB2 brains x x
E1 and E2 brains x x
Serial mistic™ brains/bricks*: B3000-B, B3000, SNAP-BRS, B100, B200, G4D16R, G4D32RS, G4A8R   x
Network Controller to PC: Wired Ethernet Wireless 802.11a,b,g (Wired+Wireless controller required) x x
Controller to I/O:
S-series—Ethernet to EB brains and serial to SB and mistic brains
R-series—Ethernet only.
Wired+Wireless controllers support wireless networking
x x
Controller to third-party devices: Ethernet or serial x x
Support for Ethernet link redundancy or segmented control network   x
Support for controller redundancy (S-series only)   x
Main features Flowchart programming x x
OptoScript programming x x
Subroutines (debuggable) x x
Graphical debugger x x
Conversion utility for OptoControl 4.1 (and higher) strategies   x
Support for serial mistic I/O units*   x
Ethernet link redundancy (with R-series I/O units)   x
Controller redundancy*   x
Maximum charts running at once On SoftPAC (plus host task) 64 64
On SNAP PAC S-series (plus host task) 32 32
On SNAP PAC R-series (plus host task) 16 16
Proportional-integral derivative (PID) loops PID algorithms for Ethernet 4 4
PID algorithm for mistic serial* -- 1
Loops per SNAP PAC brain 96 96
Loops per mistic brain/brick* -- 8
Graphical tuner for Ethernet PID loops x x
Graphical tuner for mistic* PID loops   x
Ethernet link redundancy Primary and secondary IP addresses for controllers and R-series I/O units   x
PAC Control commands can be used to control redundancy algorithm   x
Controller redundancy* PAC Redundancy Manager utility   x
Checkpoint blocks and redundant/persistent tags   x
Additional toolkits** Modbus Integration Kit (serial and TCP) x x
Controller Area Network (CAN) Integration Kit x x
Other Integration Kits (Allen-Bradley DF1 Integration Kit, BACnet, TL1, DNP3, IEC60870-5) x x
HMI Software: PAC Display
Main features Alarming x x
Trending x x
Logging x x
Operator authentication and login x x
3000-graphic library x x
Additional graphics tools for PID and embedding web pages   x
Data logging to MySQL, Microsoft® SQL Server, and other ODBC databases   x
Conversion utility for OptoDisplay projects   x
Primary and secondary IP addresses for control engine   x
Primary and secondary scanner   x
Controllers supported SNAP PAC controllers x x
Controllers running ioProject x x
Controllers running FactoryFloor on Ethernet network   x
OPC Server: OptoOPCServer
OPC version OPC 2.0-compliant   x
Database Connectivity: OptoDataLink
Databases supported Built-in, easy data transfer to Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, text files *** x
PC-based Control: SoftPAC
Compatible brains SNAP PAC (R-series and EB-series) x**** x
  G4EB2 brains x**** x
* Requires SNAP PAC S-series controller(s). See also SNAP-PAC-ROK Redundancy Option Kit.
** For more information, see Opto 22 form 1820, Communication Tools & Protocols for Opto 22 Products Technical Note.
*** Limited options using strategy logic if the user is an expert at database programming.
**** SoftPAC must be purchased separately