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Replacement GROOV-AT1 Fan Kit

Production Specification

The GROOV-AT1 FAN KIT is a replacement part for the GROOV-AT1 Box. The kit includes one entire assembled end piece containing two fans.

To install:

  1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the 5 screws holding the old end piece on the groov Box. Save the screws. 
  2. Carefully lift off the old end piece and unplug the electrical connectors to its fans. 
  3. Holding the replacement end piece, plug in its electrical connectors. Put the end piece in place, and replace the 5 screws.
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groov Box User's Guide for GROOV-AT1

** These groov Box part numbers are obsolete and no longer supported in groov View versions higher than R4.4x. **

This user's guide shows you how to set up and configure groov Box part numbers GROOV-AT1 or GROOV-AT1-SNAP, and the GROOV-AT1 FAN KIT.

Note: If you have the newer groov Box (part numbers GROOV-AR1-BASE, GROOV-AR1, or GROOV-AR1-SNAP), do not use this guide. Instead, see Form 2104, groov Box User's Guide for GROOV AR1.

CAD 3D Drawing: GROOV-AT1

This CAD file contains a 3-dimensional drawing of the GROOV-AT1 groov Box, which contains all groov software. With groov, you can easily build effective operator interfaces for your control system and view them on any device with a modern web browser—computers, tablets, smartphones, even an HDTV—any screen size, any manufacturer.

For more information, see groov System.

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