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DC discrete output, 12 channels, 5-60 VDC, channel-to-channel isolation, on/off only

Production Specification

The GRV-ODCIS-12 digital DC output module provides 12 isolated channels of 5–60 VDC output, each switching a separate DC load. The module features channel-specific LEDs for troubleshooting. This module provides on/off switching only, offering a lower-cost option for projects with simple requirements.

The GRV-ODCIS-12 is part of the groov EPIC® system. It mounts on a groov EPIC chassis together with other discrete, analog, and serial groov I/O modules and a GRV-EPIC-PR1 processor. 

NOTE: If your project needs more than just on/off switching, see the GRV-ODCI-12 module, which includes totalizing, pulsing, and other features.
Feature GRV-ODCI-12 GRV-ODCIS-12
Number of channels 12 12
Channel-to-channel isolation x x
On/off state x x
On/off totalization x  
Output pulsing/TPO x  
Specification GRV-ODCI-12 GRV-ODCIS-12
Line Voltage Range (nominal) 5–48 VDC 5–48 VDC
Line Voltage Range (max) 5–60 VDC 5–60 VDC
Current Rating 400 mA per channel or 4.8 A per module (70 °C) 400 mA per channel or 4.8 A per module (70 °C)
Surge Current 5 A peak for 1 second 5 A peak for 1 second
Recommended Max. Fuse (fast) or Circuit Breaker 3 A 60 VDC / channel, 6 A 60 VDC / module 3 A 60 VDC / channel, 6 A 60 VDC / module
Minimum Load 20 mA 20 mA
Output Voltage Drop 1.2 V max. 1.2 V max.
Off-State Leakage 1 mA at 60 V 1 mA at 60 V
Peak Blocking Voltage 60 V 60 V
TPO Period (min, max, resolution) 0.005 seconds, 429496.72 seconds, 0.001 seconds N/A
Turn On / Off Time 2.5 ms  
Isolation (field-to-logic) 300 V working, 1500 V transient (1 minute) 300 V working, 1500 V transient (1 minute)
Isolation (channel-to-channel) 300 V working, 1500 V transient (1 minute) 300 V working, 1500 V transient (1 minute)
Number of Channels 12 12
Chassis Power Consumption 1.2 W 1.2 W
Minimum GRV-EPIC-PR1 Firmware Version 1.0.0 1.0.0
Minimum PAC Project Version 10.0000 10.0000
Minimum Library Package for CODESYS Version
Wire Size 28–14 AWG 28–14 AWG
Torque, connector screw 2.5 in-lb (0.28 N-m) 2.5 in-lb (0.28 N-m)
Torque, hold-down screw 3.5 in-lb (0.4 N-m) 3.5 in-lb (0.4 N-m)
Temperature (operating) -20 °C to +70 °C -20 °C to +70 °C
Temperature (storage) -40 °C to +85 °C -40 °C to +85 °C
Relative Humidity (non-condensing) 5–95% 5–95%
Agency Approvals UL/cUL (Class 1 Div. 2)a; CE, ATEX (Category 3, Zone 2), RoHS; DFARS; CB Scheme
Warranty Lifetime
a For use in hazardous locations, equipment must be mounted in an enclosure that meets the requirements of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70, and ANSI/ISA-61010-1 (82.02.01).

groov 5–60 VDC Output Modules Data Sheet

groov® 5–60 VDC output modules are part of Opto 22's groov EPIC® System. This document includes descriptions, specifications, and wiring and dimensional diagrams for the following part numbers:

groov I/O Modules Firmware Readme

Readme for the latest update to the groov I/O modules. Includes information on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Letter of Conformity for groov EPIC

This Letter of Conformity is provided to support Declaration of Conformity (GRV-EPIC), form 2261.

Declaration of Conformity (groov EPIC and groov RIO)

This document is the Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity for the products listed herein, in accordance with European, international, and/or national standards and regulations.

GRV-ODCIS-12 Module Firmware

This download contains current firmware for the GRV-ODCIS-12 module. For a list of bug fixes and enhancements included in this firmware, see the groov I/O Modules Firmware readme document.

You can download the previous version of the firmware by clicking on this link: 1.6e1.4b

CAD Drawing: groov I/O Module

This ZIP file includes drawings in a variety of file formats (pdf, dwg, stp) that apply to all groov I/O modules.

Note: These drawings do not apply to groov RIO modules.

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