groov Base or Enterprise license?

You need only groov Base if:

You’re an OEM or machine builder and want to use an inexpensive tablet for your HMI.

You want to monitor or control one or more Modbus/TCP devices, groov EPICs, SNAP PAC controllers, and SNAP PAC I/O units.

You want to use data from databases, APIs, and online services in your groov View interface.

Purchase groov EPIC processor
Purchase groov Box Base
Purchase groov Server Base

Add groov Enterprise if:

You want to monitor or control OPC UA-compatible systems or equipment via an external OPC UA server.

(groov EPIC or Box only) You want to use the built-in Ignition Edge OPC-UA server & drivers.

(groov EPIC or Box only) You want to use Ignition Edge's MQTT communications module with Sparkplug payload.

Note: If you're using groov EPIC and want to publish and subscribe PAC Control tags with MQTT and Sparkplug, you do not need a groov View Enterprise license or Ignition Edge. MQTT and Sparkplug are built into groov EPIC for PAC Control tags only.

Add groov Enterprise license

Monitoring and controlling systems & equipment, and moving data



Monitor and control Modbus/TCP devices, Opto 22 groov EPIC and SNAP PAC controllers, SNAP PAC I/O units Many Many
Use data from databases, online services, and other APIs in a groov Data Store Many Many
Build logic flows with Node-RED (groov EPIC and Box only) Yes Yes
Monitor and control OPC UA-compatible systems and equipment No Yes
Use Ignition Edge OPC-UA servers & drivers (groov EPIC and Box only) No Yes
Use Ignition Edge MQTT/Sparkplug (groov EPIC and Box only) No Yes

Building your web-based operator interface



Build in a web browser on any brand computer Yes Yes
Drag-drop-tag construction; no programming or coding Yes Yes
Create users and groups Yes Yes
Log unlimited events and send email notifications Yes Yes
Use real-time trends (up to 5 years) Yes Yes
Back up and restore mobile interface projects Yes Yes

Using your operator interface



Secure connections via HTTPS Yes Yes
View interface on multiple device brands & sizes Yes Yes
Unlimited users Yes Yes
Free groov View mobile app for iOS and Android Yes  Yes

Cost for groov EPIC with license option

Base groov EPIC: GRV-EPIC-PR1 ($1495 plus chassis, power supply, and I/O modules you need)

Enterprise groov EPIC: GRV-EPIC-PR1 ($1495 plus chassis, power supply, and I/O modules you need) + GROOV-LIC-ENT ($995)

Cost for groov Box with license option

Base groov Box: GROOV-AR1-BASE ($1295)

Enterprise groov  Box: GROOV-AR1-BASE + GROOV-LIC-ENT ($1295 + $995)

Cost for groov Server with license option

Base groov Server: GROOV-SVR-WIN-BASE ($995)

Enterprise groov Server: GROOV-SVR-WIN-BASE + GROOV-LIC-ENT ($995 + $995)

Still not sure which license is right for your application?

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