What do you want to do with data?

The key to IoT usefulness is getting the data out of where it’s trapped and into the systems and software where it’s needed.
  • Legacy systems

  • Proprietary protocols

  • Remote devices

  • Databases and software

All of these may have data you need in order to improve processes, track KPIs (key performance indicators), implement preventive maintenance, and make better business decisions.
With the groov EPIC system or the groov Edge Appliance, you can manipulate and move data between things in the real world and computer systems & software on your company premises or in the cloud.

Standard internet and IT-compatible tools are built into these groov products, ready to use:


You can place the secure groov EPIC system or groov Edge Appliance at the network’s edge in harsh industrial environments and know you have the tools right there to acquire data, move it, and act on it.

Example: Gather data from plant floor or remote devices
  1. Connect groov EPIC to sensors and devices to control processes directly, acquire data, and process it. 
  2. Or place either groov EPIC or the groov Edge Appliance on the same network as a PLC or PAC controlling a device or process, and use the built-in OPC-UA driver to connect to the PLC or PAC.
  3. Publish needed data to a central server or broker on premises or in the cloud.
  4. Applications like Ignition Enterprise or any MQTT/Sparkplug-compliant software can subscribe to the data.
Because all publish and subscribe communications to the broker use a secure, device-originated, outbound connection, you need:
  • No special firewall configurations
  • No VPNs
  • No remote desktop software
  • No PC
More examples:
  • An OEM machine builder whose machine must periodically send operational data to a central location for predictive analysis and machine learning
  • A SCADA engineer who needs to efficiently control and acquire data from a large number of geographically dispersed locations over a cellular or other bandwidth-constrained network
  • A facilities engineer who needs energy use and HVAC status data transmitted to a cloud database for historical logging
  • A controls technician who needs to see Allen-Bradley® CompactLogix™ variables on a smartphone for access from anywhere in the world
Learn more about efficient data communications for industrial applications using MQTT and Sparkplug.

groov and Node-RED

Node-RED is included with groov EPIC and with the GROOV-AR1 groov Box appliance. Node-RED is an open-source, cross-platform programming environment that’s used for IoT applications.

Using Node-RED, you can connect pre-built nodes for hardware devices, cloud services, and APIs (application program interfaces) together in simple logic flows. Read more about Node-RED.


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Monitor and control your equipment from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. More on visualization.



Manage Modbus/TCP devices, data from databases & APIs, Opto 22 groov EPIC and SNAP PACs, and OPC UA systems and equipment. More on connectivity


Real-time Control

Wire reliable Opto 22 I/O to sensors and actuators, and run your control program locally at edge of network.
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