Can I use a groov View operator interface on my Android smartphone? my iPad? my MS Surface? my iPhone 10? my Linux computer? my Mac laptop?
  Does groov support different screen proportions, like 16:9 or 4:3?
  How safe is groov in terms of information security?
  Can I use groov to build a mobile interface for my PLC system?
  How can groov connect to all these systems?
  I heard groov has Node-RED?
  What's this about a free trial?
  The free trial is just a demo version, right
  How does the free trial work?
  So after I buy groov do I have to start over?
  How do I get the groov software?
  I’m a machine builder. What does groov do for me?
  How often does the groov operator interface update the data from my control system?
  How do I get started with groov?
  What's a network subnet?
  What’s the hostname?
  Why are there two passwords for the groov Box?
  Is it possible to back up my groov project?
  How does groov get my tag database?
  I can't see groov in my browser. What do I do?
  Can I VPN directly into my groov Box?
  How do I build a mobile interface?
  Can I build an interface from my smartphone or tablet?
  What if I want a gadget to show up on a tablet or a PC but not on a smartphone?
  Can I change more than one tag with a single gadget, or stack gadgets to do two things at once?
  Can gadgets be restricted to particular operators?
  What kinds of graphics can I use in groov?
  Can you choose who can edit which pages?
  Is the trend (graph) gadget realtime or historical?
  In future versions, will there be historic graphs and reports?
  Are future releases included in the annual maintenance cost?
  How do I get my free updates?
  How do I install an update?
  Is there a forum for groov?
  Where should I put the groov Box?
  How do I connect the groov Box?
  What’s the function of the three USB ports on the groov Box?
  How do I use the groov Box on my wireless network?
  What’s in the groov Box?
  I only use Opto 22 systems, not A-B or any others. Which groov should I buy?
  I have groov Solo and now I need to talk with other systems. What do I do?
  What’s the strategy.idb.txt file and where do I find it?
  What’s the minimum PAC firmware requirement for groov?
  How do I set up groov on my network so it connects to my SNAP PAC controller?
  If my SNAP PAC controller is connected to B3000 serial brains, can I get those tags in groov?
  Can I use groov to access I/O points on my SNAP PAC brain?
  Can I use groov with my FactoryFloor system? I have an Ethernet card.
  Can I use tables in groov?
   How do I use timers/PIDs/Scratch Pad in groov?