I'm trying to install the free trial/groov Server for Windows. I double-click on the file I downloaded and nothing happens. What's wrong?
  I'm using groov Server and I can't reach groov. What do I do?
   I can’t reach the groov Box using my browser. What do I do?
  What's a DHCP server and what if I don't have one?
  What's a DNS and what if I don't have one?
  My computer has more than one NIC. What does that mean
  When I try to connect to the groov Box using its hostname, I get an error saying it can't be found or opened. What's going on?
  My cell phone disconnects from groov after about 30 seconds. What should I do?
  I can’t read (or write to) my Modbus/TCP device OR the data I get from my Modbus/TCP device doesn’t make sense. What’s wrong?
  I want to check when my license expires or renew my license, but I don’t see the Licensing item in the Configure menu. Why not?
  When I open groov, a security warning appears. What should I do?
  How do I purchase a Security Certificate?
  I'm managing users and groups in groov Build. Where are the buttons the user's guide talks about?
  I need an API key for a software user. Where do I get it?
  I can't connect to KEPServerEX from groov. What's wrong?
  I can't connect to Ignition from groov. What's wrong?
  I tried to install a groov update and got an error message about maintenance. What's that?
  When I try to configure my Opto 22 PAC controller, it can't be found. What do I do?
  I can't find my strategy .idb.txt file. Where is it?
  In groov View on my laptop/HDTV/phone/tablet, all I see is a blank page. What's the matter?
  In groov View on my mobile device, I can't get the pages to load. How do I get to them?
  I'm in groov View, and some of the gadgets are grayed out with a yellow triangle. What's going on?
  In groov View, some of the gadgets are grayed out with a manilla tag. What does this mean?
  I am not receiving event notifications for properly configured events. What’s wrong?