In groov View on my mobile device, I can't get the pages to load. How do I get to them?

First, make sure you have at least the minimum OS for your device:

  • Android: 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • iOS: 9.0

If you're still having problems, don't worry. We've seen some quirks depending on your device and browser. Here are some things to try.

  • Try adding your own company domain to the hostname of the groov Box. Sometimes the DNS (domain name server) won't resolve the hostname unless you add your domain. Example: instead of https://opto-02-81-c2 try (Put in your domain instead of Note the period between the hostname and domain.)
  • Try adding the port number to the hostname. Port 443 is the default; port 8443 is the secondary, so try them in that order. For example: instead of https://opto-02-81-c2 try https://opto-02-81-c2:443 (Note the colon between the hostname and port.)