My computer has more than one NIC. What does that mean

More than one NIC can cause a problem when you're trying to communicate with a groov Box using your browser and the groov Box's hostname.

Each NIC communicates on a separate network subnet. You may have one network subnet set up for your computers and a second one set up for your control system, for example (this is a pretty common scenario, and in fact we recommend it for security).

Make sure you're trying to reach the groov Box using the NIC for the network subnet it is on. You could unplug the Ethernet cable from your controller network NIC to force the PC to look for the groov Box on the computer network. Then try again using your browser and the groov Box's hostname.

If your control system and your computers are on separate network subnets, you'll need to set up ETH1 on the groov Box in order to reach your control system. See the groov Box User’s Guide (Chapter 4) for instructions. For lots more on networking, see the Guide to Networking groov