What's a DNS and what if I don't have one?

A DNS (domain name server) keeps track of the unique hostname for each device on the network, so you can find it by name even if its IP address changes. If your network has no DNS, you won't be able to access the groov Box using its hostname, but you can access it using its IP address.

To determine the IP address, you'll need:

  • a Windows PC on the same network subnet as the groov Box
  • groov Find utility (on the CD that came with the groov Box)
  • groov Box User’s Guide Chapter 2--See steps to start groov using groov Find.

Once you've found your groov Box in groov Find, click the link to set up the Box. Also make a note of the IP address shown, so later you can use it in your web browser instead of the hostname: for the URL enter https:// plus the Box's IP address. For example:

For more help with networking, see the Guide to Networking groov.