When I open groov, a security warning appears. What should I do?

If the groov Box or groov Server PC and your computer are on the same network, you can do one of two things:

  1. Accept the security warning and continue. The data flowing between your browser and groov is still encrypted and very secure.
  2. Use a self-signed certificate. When you use a self-signed certificate, you won't be slowed down by the warning; you'll go straight to groov.
  • For the groov Box: Use the self-signed certificate included with your groov Box. See the groov Box User’s Guide (Chapter 4) for instructions.
  • For groov Server: See the groov Server User's Guide (Chapter 2) for steps to create a self-signed certificate.

If you're accessing groov from outside the network the groov Box or groov Server PC is on (for example, over the Internet), Opto 22 strongly recommends you purchase a Security Certificate from a Certificate Authority (see the next question). A Certificate Authority is a third party that verifies to your web browser that the site you're going to (in this case, the groov Box or groov Server PC) is genuine. Once you have the Certificate, you'll no longer see the warning.

For more information on networking groov, see the Guide to Networking groov.