When I try to configure my Opto 22 PAC controller, it can't be found. What do I do?

Are your Opto 22 control system and your computers on separate network subnets? We recommend this setup for security reasons, and the groov Box is designed to work this way. Here's what to do so groov can find your PAC.

With a groov Box:

  1. Plug the control network into ETH1 on the groov Box. (Remember, your computer network is plugged into ETH0. The two Ethernet network interfaces on the Box are independent, so that keeps the two network subnets separate.)
  2. Follow steps in the groov Box User’s Guide (Chapter 4) to configure the ETH1 connection using groov Admin.
  3. Now try configuring your controller again. This time groov should be able to find it.

For more information on networking, see the Guide to Networking groov.