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Availability: Obsolete
OBSOLETE SNAP Isolated 2-Ch 0-250 V RMS AC/DC Analog Input Module

Production Specification

*** NOTE: This part is OBSOLETE and no longer available. ***
Please consider SNAP-AIVRMS-i or contact Opto 22 Pre-Sales engineers for more information.

The SNAP-AIVRMS-i-FM module provides two isolated channels with an input range of 0 to 250 volts AC or DC. The SNAP-AIVRMS-i-FM module may be used to monitor 120/240-volt AC/DC and 12/24/48-volt AC/DC system voltage and is ideal for differential voltage measurements.

The two channels are isolated from each other; they do not share any field connection.

Part of the SNAP PAC System, the module mounts on a SNAP PAC rack with a SNAP PAC brain or rack-mounted controller. Analog, digital, and serial I/O modules can all be on the same rack. Such an I/O unit is also well suited for PC-based control or for use as intelligent remote I/O for an Allen-Bradley Logix PLC system, such as ControlLogix, MicroLogix, or CompactLogix.

If you do not need isolated channels, see SNAP-AIVRMS.

Build your system in the SNAP I/O Configurator.
*** NOTE: This part is OBSOLETE and no longer available. ***

Input Range

0 to 250 V RMS AC/DC

Input Over Range

To 275 V

Input Resistance

1 megohms


±0.2 V and ±0.2% reading


10 mV

DC Reversal

± 0.2 V (0.08%)

Input Response Time
(Step Change)

63.2% (158 V) in 50 ms
99% (248 V) in 75 ms

Data Freshness

0.025 s

DC Common Mode Rejection

>-120 dB

AC Common Mode Rejection

>-120 dB @ 60 Hz

Maximum Operating
  Voltage Between Channels
  Common Mode Voltage


250 V
250 V

Isolation: Optical

4000 V

Isolation: Transformer

1500 V

Isolation: Channel to Channel

250 V continuous
(1500 V transient)

Power Requirements

5 VDC (±0.15 V) at 200 mA

Ambient Temperature:


-20 °C to 70 °C
-40 °C to 85 °C


5-95%, non-condensing

Torque, hold-down screws

Not to exceed 1 in-lb (0.11 N-m)

Torque, connector screws

5.22 in-lb (0.59 N-m)

Wire size range

22 to 14 AWG

Agency Approvals




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