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High Density Wiring Harness, 20 conductors, Flying leads, 6 feet in length

Production Specification

The SNAP-HD-20F6 cable is designed for use with an 8-channel SNAP-AOVA-8 analog output module. The cable has a 20-pin connector at the module end and flying leads for field wiring.

For easier wiring, you can also use the cable and module with a SNAP-TEX-32 breakout board (up to four modules per board).

Use with SNAP-AOVA-8 analog output module
20-pin connector at module, flying leads for field wiring

SNAP TEX Cables and Breakout Boards Data Sheet

SNAP TEX cables and breakout boards are part of the SNAP TEX family of wiring and mounting accessories. These parts save time and expense during installation, maintenance, and debugging by reducing the time and effort required to wire field devices to SNAP I/O modules. This data sheet covers the following part numbers:

Opto 22 RoHS 3 Statement of Compliance - Restriction of Hazardous Substances

This document is a statement of compliance with the EU Directive 2015/863/EU, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS 3). This document lists Opto 22 products that comply with the substance restrictions of the RoHS 3 directive.

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