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Fused breakout rack for SNAP 32-channel digital (discrete) input module

Production Specification

The SNAP-IDC-HDB breakout rack is used with one 32-channel digital input module, such as the SNAP-IDC-32. The breakout rack provides LED indicators and easily accessible fused connectors for input points.

Use the SNAP-HD-BF6 header cable for connections to the module.

If you need a more compact breakout rack, see the SNAP-UDC-HDB.

For reference: Modules, Cables, and Breakout Boards Compatibility Charts

Build your system in the SNAP I/O Configurator.

SNAP-IDC-HDB and SNAP-IDC-HDB-FM [Obsolete] Breakout Racks for High-Density Digital Input Modules

Used with

SNAP-IDC-32, SNAP-IDC-32-FM [Obsolete], SNAP-IDC-32N, and SNAP-IDC-32DN


40-pin header connects to 32-point input module using SNAP-HD-BF6 header cable.
32 signal input connectors; each signal connector has a corresponding common connector.
For each zone of 8 signal inputs, 1 connection for either module common or field common.
Wire size for field connectors: 16-20 AWG


1 LED for each signal input (32 signal LEDs total)
1 power status LED for each zone of 8 signal inputs (4 power LEDs total)


1 A fuses; 2 fuses for each zone of 8 signal inputs (8 fuses total)
Replace with Pudenz 1 A automobile mini-fuse or equivalent.


For each zone of 8 signal inputs, 1 jumper controls whether module common or field common is used.


32 VDC maximum, 12-24 VDC nominal

Agency Approvals



30 months from date of manufacture

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