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Replacement backup battery for SNAP PAC controllers and brains

Production Specification

The SNAP-PAC-BATTERY-ML2430 is a replacement backup battery used for most SNAP PAC controllers and brains:
  • SNAP PAC R-series controllers manufactured after July 1, 2007
  • SNAP PAC S-series controllers with serial numbers 625654 and higher (SNAP-PAC-S1 controllers with serial numbers 625653 and lower use a G4BATT32.)
  • SNAP PAC EB Ethernet brains
  • SNAP PAC SB serial brains
Normally you will not need to replace this battery. If you do, see replacement instructions in form 1910, Replacing the SNAP PAC Rechargeable Battery.
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Replacing the SNAP PAC Rechargeable Battery Technical Note

Several SNAP PAC controllers and brains contain a rechargeable backup battery. The battery recharges whenever the brain has power and retains data for an extended period of time with the power off.

You should never have to replace this battery, but if you do, this technical note shows you how.

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