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Availability: Obsolete
OBSOLETE - SNAP Profibus-DP Digital Slave Brain

Production Specification

Note: This product will be obsolete when stock is depleted.

The SNAP-PDPRS64 brain is a high-performance processor capable of controlling up to 64 channels of SNAP digital I/O, configured as inputs or outputs in banks of eight.

The brain communicates to any Profibus-DP master device using a 9-pin D-shell connector. Functions include digital input and output read and write. The brain is used with the SNAP-D64 RS mounting rack.

NOTE: Not all SNAP I/O modules are compatible with this brain. See Legacy and Current Product Comparison and Compatibility Charts to determine compatibility.

Power Requirements

5.0 - 5.2 VDC at 1.3 A max. (includes fully-populated rack with brain)

Operating Temperature

0 to 70 °C, 95% humidity, non-condensing

Communications Interface

9-pin D-shell connector, Profibus-DP standard pinout

Data Rates

Automatically detected baud rates up to 12 Mbaud


Per Profibus-DP network standard (speed-dependent)

LED Indicators

Activity, Link status, Power, Normal operation, Error

Options: Jumper Selectable

Direction information (input or output), Profibus-DP address


SNAP Profibus Brain Data Sheet

With the SNAP Profibus-DP brain, part number SNAP-PDPRS64, you can use state-of-the-art Opto 22 digital I/O hardware with your existing Profibus DP-compatible controller.

Cyrano-based Controller Firmware README

This README file lists revision changes made to the firmware used in the following Opto 22 controllers that run Cyrano strategies: G4LC32, G4LC32SX, G4LC32ISA, G4LC32ISA-LT, M4, M4IO, M4RTU, M4RTU Rev.2, SNAP-LCM4, SNAP-LCSX, and SNAP-LCSX-PLUS.

B3000-PDPRS64 Device Master File

This download contains the file opto087D.gsd, a device master file for customers who need to configure their Profibus software to recognize and use Opto 22’s B3000 PDPRS64.

Cyrano Flash Firmware

Current release of 16-bit Cyrano firmware. This firmware is required to run Cyrano strategies on legacy Opto 22 controllers.

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