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Transfer data from Groov View Trend to Sql
Forum - Published:
Hi, Currently i set my groov view trends to read values such as temperature, temperature setpoint and gas valve position. Which is logged every 15 seconds for 1 year. The data is downloaded as csv. Is...more
Apex Energy Replaces End-of-life System for Improved Data
Blog - Published:
New case study shows how StrataVu and groov EPIC secure a flexible future for Oil & Gas production. When the hardware for the automation system you’ve deployed throughout your entire installed base is...more
Groov Epic Host name
Forum - Published:
Hi, I am looking on setting my groov epic host name to some thing like ( Once i set the hostname the page goes to the site can’t be reached. Is there any restrictions on how to use hostname? ...
OptoDataLinkService error in Windows 2012 event viewer
Forum - Published:
Hello, I install OptoDataLink on Window server 2012 and it connect SQL server 2012 used for data transmission. The OptoDataLink connect DCS device and another connect SQL. But Sometimes there were issues in event viewer. image865×561 172 KB...
Inductive Automation names Opto 22 as a Solution Partner
Blog - Published:
Partnership gives you simple solutions for remote equipment, cloud connections, brownfield applications, and more. This week has been a busy one for the Opto 22 team at the annual Ignition Community...more
Groov server r4.5b SSL certificate
Forum - Published:
Version R4.5b of groov server for windows does not correctly install SSL certificates from third party vendors. My example, I use NetworkSolutions. I tried re-installing the certificate as described on...more
Relative paths for PAC Control subroutines
Forum - Published:
We’d like to be able to use relative paths for the subroutines in our PAC Control strategy. This forum post has the following text: “For versions 9.3 and earlier, subroutines had absolute paths with no...more
RIO with PAC Controller
Forum - Published:
Opto 22 has built-in CODESYS controller in RIO. Why also install PAC Controller in RIO like EPIC?...
Groov Epic Blank Screen
Forum - Published:
I’m having a problem with a blank screen on the HDMI output on a PR2. I just get a blank white screen with the menu bar at the top from the HDMI output. On other computers I get the full screen with the...more
I have couple of a normally close solenoid, that is connected directly to SNAP-OAC5 module
Forum - Published:
Hi all, I have couple of a normally close solenoid, that is connected directly to SNAP-OAC5 module. one of those solenoids is constantly getting 120 VAC when it’s off and 120 VAC when they are on, I...more
Advice on how to run a hydraulic pump based on dio, best practive
Forum - Published:
Hi All, Got a newbie question, I have 3 hydraulic stages that occur on the status of inductive sensors, each stage after the other so one continuous strat, then it reverses So it starts a stage by...more
AE sensor to groov i/o
Forum - Published:
Hello, Please, could someone advise how to get the right signal / i/o module to groov system of sensor below. Global Sensor Technology Acoustic Emission Sensor - SR-10...more
So much more than I/O: groov devices are also IIoT gateways
Blog - Published:
Everyone knows it’s all about the cloud—and the IIoT gateway is the critical component to getting all your real-world data to that cloud. And it matters. Without it, there’s no: big data, cloud...more
Groov View Text box format
Forum - Published:
Hi, Currently having some issues with text gadget format. I am getting pid output from 0 to 100%. I wanted to show pid output value in groov view like 100%. But if I enter #.## % the groov view values...more
Case Study: Apex Energy Replaces End-of-Life System for Improved Data
Documents - 2403 - Published:
View in html When the hardware for the automation system you’ve deployed throughout your entire installed base is suddenly declared end-of-life, you’re faced with a problem. That...more
Codesys Activation
Forum - Published:
I trying to activate Codesys on the PR1 processor I have enabled it and is running. But it reboots after 2 hrs. I did order the license and I entered my S/N and is active on the web site. I’m following...more
groov Manage: groov View
Videos - Published:
Isn't a web browser one of the most commonly installed and used software applications on any device? So why stop at just viewing your SCADA HMI screens in a browser—why not build...more
groov Manage: Data Services
Videos - Published:
So you’re collecting data from machines, sensors, and equipment with your groov EPICs and groov RIOs. Now where do you need that data to go, and how do you get it there...more
Email notifications for triggered alarms inconsistently sent
Knowledge Base - KB90590 - Published:
If you have configured PAC Display to send emails when alarms are triggered, the delivery of those emails (especially subsequent emails for multiple triggered alarms) may be inconsistent and not coincide with when the alarms are triggered.
groov Manage: I/O Status
Videos - Published:
Live I/O configuration and status from a web browser? Watch this episode of the groov Manage video series and see how it's possible.