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White Paper: Building Industrial IoT from Edge to Cloud
Documents - 2348 - Published:
Sharing process data has long been a goal of industrial automation, but traditional operational technology (OT) architectures are poor at scaling, priced prohibitively, and demand complex...more
Updating Firmware with PAC Manager May Fail
Knowledge Base - KB89120 - Published:
When you use PAC Manager to download firmware to a PAC device, the download may fail and display a messages, or the upgrade may complete but appear to be stuck waiting for a reboot. These events are...more
PAC Control Find Does Not Find OptoScript With Non-Standard Capitalization
Knowledge Base - KB82489 - Published:
In PAC Control, if you use the Find tool (Edit > Find) to look for a command instruction, the Find tool will not find OptoScript instances where the instruction is written with non-standard capitalization.
groov Enclosures Data Sheet
Documents - 2340 - Published:
groov System enclosures make it easy to install Opto 22 groov EPIC and groov RIO products wherever you need them. These sturdy polycarbonate industrial enclosures protect your groov...more
Some EPIC and RIO Channels Configured with a Feature May Behave Incorrectly
Knowledge Base - KB89114 - Published:
In PAC Control, if you configure a channel with a feature on a groov EPIC or groov RIO and you do not see the behavior you expect, check the channel configuration in groov Manage. If it doesn't...more
Long Delay Entering Debug Mode
Knowledge Base - KB89027 - Published:
If your strategy contains many subroutines (approximately 20 or more) and most of those subroutines makes calls to other subroutines, it may take a long time (around 30 seconds or more) between clicking...more
Edit Instructions Dialog Box Doesn't Show or Save Changes to Variable Types
Knowledge Base - KB88987 - Published:
In PAC Control, if you change the type for a variable, then open the Edit Instructions dialog box for any instruction that contains that variable, the dialog box does not show or save that variable after the type change.
PAC Control CLI Operator "/cdf" May Generate Pop-up Window
Knowledge Base - KB88638 - Published:
While using the PAC Control command line interface (CLI) tool with the /cdf operation, some strategies may trigger PAC Control to display a pop-up window, which must be acknowledged before the operation can continue.
PAC Control Appears to be Stuck While Regenerating Reference Counts
Knowledge Base - KB87786 - Published:
As PAC Control regenerates reference counts (with a strategy open in PAC Control Config mode, click Tools > Regenerate Reference Counts), a dialog with the name of the chart may show a "Not Responding" message and appear to be stuck.
Can't Add Supported Versions of BACNet Server to CODESYS Application
Knowledge Base - KB89094 - Published:
GRV-EPIC-PR1 firmware version 2.0.0 added support for CODESYS BACNet SL versions to However, the Opto 22 Library Package for CODESYS Development System version, which supports...more
Move I/O Unit to Numeric Table [Ex] Commands May Not Retrieve All Analog Inputs/Outputs
Knowledge Base - KB88789 - Published:
With a couple of PAC Control commands, some or all analog input/output values may not be stored to the destination table. This does not occur on the initial download of a strategy; however, ...more
GRV-IMAI-8 Module Firmware
Downloads - Published:
This download contains current firmware for the GRV-IMAI-8 module. For a list of bug fixes and enhancements included in this firmware, see the groov I/O Modules Firmware readme document.
POP Compliance Statement
Documents - 2346 - Published:
This document is a statement from Opto 22 about compliance with regulations from the European Union (EU) regarding Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). 
CAD Drawings: groov EPIC System
Downloads - Published:
This ZIP file contains drawings in a variety of file formats for groov EPIC products, including the groov EPIC processor, chassis, groov I/O modules, power supplies, and more, all in one download...more
groov Manage Doesn't Correctly Display PAC Control REST API Swagger Configuration File
Knowledge Base - KB89053 - Published:
When you go to the PAC Control REST API reference (from groov Manage Home page, click Info and Help > REST APIs > PAC Control for groov EPIC), Swagger reports an error: "Parser error on...more