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Get data from Microsoft Access .mdb database
Forum - Published:
We have several groov EPIC units set up in our plant controlling various aspects of our equipment (e.g. feedrate, time, temperature). 20 years ago, we started using a Microsoft Access (.mdb) database to...more
New VPN Client in groov EPIC simplifies remote equipment communications
Blog - Published:
One of the new features in recent versions of the groov EPIC firmware (R1.4.0+) that hasn’t gotten much attention yet is the built-in virtual private network (VPN) client. I’m excited about it because it...more
Upgrading - General Question
Forum - Published:
I am about to start a project to upgrade all of my controller firmware and software to version 10.x. I currently have about 60 R2 controllers running firmware versions from 8.5x to 9.6x and I would like...more
groov EPIC announced as a Finalist in the 2020 Engineers' Choice Awards
Blog - Published:
Control Engineering magazine hosts its annual awards program, which highlights some of the best new control, instrumentation, and automation products. We're excited that Opto 22's groov EPIC (Edge...more
Detect when a variable counts up
Forum - Published:
Hi, Wonder if anyone could give me a hint of how to detect when a variable counts up. I’m having a database table and for every new row the index counts up. I want to use this index as the variable and...more
Cannot retrieve log type "FATAL" from log viewer
Forum - Published:
In groov View, clicking the gear icon >> View logs, I get a new window where I can apply the type of log to view / download. All work fine (ERROR, TRACE, INFO, etc.) except for type FATAL, which simply...more
SSH - Access to EPIC PR1 Linux Desktop
Forum - Published:
I just installed the SSH license & Enabled the SSH. We will be adding various python and other scripts to run in our Groov Epic project. I am somewhat familiar with Linux script, command line, etc. My...more
Local time is not retained after power cycle
Forum - Published:
We set our EPIC to have the time according to our local time zone (EST) (done in Groov Manage). A few times this week, we had to cycle power to the EPIC. I noticed the time was GMT after powering back...more
Anybody using OptoMMP4 method EpicReadPackedDigital with success?
Forum - Published:
It’s hard for me to believe that I am the only one using this OptoMMP4 method (with boolean arrays), but it always falsely returns an array of false (off) values for all 512 states, even though some...more
When the system working,all input signals of analog Pulse break
Forum - Published:
The input signals of analog quantity such as pressure, frequency of frequency converter, etc. are disconnected aperiodically, which results in abnormal operation of the system. What could be the reason?...
EPIC Groov does not like a disconnected cat5 cable
Forum - Published:
Hi A frustrating situation arose with an EPIC Groov unit I have been integrating into one of our existing control systems and I would be keen to hear if anyone else has been caught out with it. In...more
Modbus Inputs PAC Control
Forum - Published:
Does anyone know how to bring Modbus data into PAC Project in four digit binary groups, BCD? The data coming in reads 584 which is the decimal value of binary 10 0100 1000. But, that is not what I...more
Riding out the storm with the groov EPIC system
Blog - Published:
How one integrator used the remote connectivity in groov EPIC and groov View to save his systems from Midwest storms. Rainstorms have pounded Wisconsin this season, along with much of the Midwestern...more
Tags are not refreshed correctly after a restart
Knowledge Base - KB88545 - Published:
When you work with Ignition or Ignition Designer and the Opto 22 groov EPIC and  SNAP PAC Driver module, when tag lists are restored after some events, some of the OPC-UA tags may appear valid but are not updated with current controller values.
A closer look at OptoTagPreserve
Blog - Published:
First, OptoTagPreserve has been updated! If you are a fan of this useful utility program (as I am), be sure to download the latest version. If you're new to PAC Control, or haven't tried OptoTagPreserve, here is why you should take a closer look.
SNAP I/O Watchdog not working
Knowledge Base - KB88530 - Published:
In PAC Control, if you configure the  Watchdog feature on a SNAP analog or digital output point, when a watchdog condition occurs due to no activity to the I/O Unit for the period specified in the...more
groov I/O: TPO may not update percent on-time (duty) correctly
Knowledge Base - KB88528 - Published:
If your PAC Control strategy runs a Set TPO Period command followed by Set TPO Percent command, you may observe that the TPO period is cut short or extended for one period. This should not happen; any...more
Errors or abnormal functioning with channels on GRV-IDCIFQ-12 module
Knowledge Base - KB88599 - Published:
In PAC Control, if you configure a channel on a GRC-IDCIFQ-12 module with a feature other than None or Quadrature Counter, commands related to the feature will result in an error in the controller's message queue and/or abnormal functioning.
Lost settings on Groov EPIC while updating firmware on 2nd unit
Forum - Published:
This may have been a fluke or a coincidence or something else, but here is what happened this morning… We have been running our Groov EPIC fine for about 10 days, 24 hrs/day. I saw a new firmware was...more
Groov View R4.1e has been released
Forum - Published:
Couple of small bug fixes today. The KB articles aren’t up yet, but when they go live these links should work. KB 88576 - LED gadgets don’t display fill color in iOS/iPadOS 13 KB 88505 - Command...more
iPhone issue showing the green status circle
Forum - Published:
I noticed the other day when I log into groov on my iPhone the green status circles on my pumps and other on or off status circles are the same color as the back drop. What’s the issue?...