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Hardware requirements
Forum - Published:
All things groov RIO Hello I did a pilot in my manufacturing plant in two screen machine extracting data from digital and analog signals and now I want to connect more machines ( perhaps like 20 machines...more
Ask a question about a timer
Forum - Published:
12.08.2022_11.31.41_REC856×268 6.77 KB I define a timer and use this command to set the initial value to 120s. This timer acts immediately, but when “Start Timer” is not used at this time, this is different from the description in the manual. Why?...
MQTT Connection and Latency Issues
Forum - Published:
I’m trying to do a proof of concept on an Ignition architecture that uses Ignition Edge and MQTT on AR1’s to send machine data to a cloud instance of Ignition. My Ignition gets the data, but it quickly...more
A houseboat vacation with groov RIO
Blog - Published:
Come along on a houseboat trip to Lake Powell to see what's possible when you bring a groov RIO and SpaceX Starlink on vacation. Opto 22's VP of Product Strategy, Benson Hougland, has often described...more
HexStringtoNumber Conversion
Forum - Published:
Good day! I would like to ask what would be the possible problem in the HexStringtoNumber conversion because when I converted the hexadecimal data to numeric value, the value was not the same when I...more
Groov EPIC 3.4.2 Firmware Rleased
Forum - Published:
Got another EPIC firmware minor point release and you really should take a look at this one. 3.4.2 contains some important bug fixes that may impact you, so let’s run through them. First, two general...more
Groov Node Output Array Instead of Integer
Forum - Published:
This is very weird. I have a groov “Read” node. Expected output is Integer. I have a complicated flow before this node. When the flow run for the first time. Output of groov “Read” node is Integer. When...more
Using Machine Learning for Critical Process Awareness & Monitoring
Blog - Published:
Join Opto 22 at the next IntegrateLive! virtual workshop to discover better ways to maintain critical infrastructure. Opto 22 is once again participating in an important demonstration of different...more
Debugging Tools (Step In & Step Out) Disabled
Forum - Published:
In Debug mode with the strategy running and paused, the only debug tool available for use is ‘Over’. The ‘Into’ and ‘Out’ options are greyed out and disabled. Additionally, F11 and Shift+11 are also...more
OptoTagPreserve Assistance
Forum - Published:
Hi All, So I thought I had all my ducks in a row to update my SNAP-PAC-R1 firmware to R10.4d without losing my calibrated points. I backed up my control strategy, then used OptoTagPreserve to upload my...more
Groov View Layering
Forum - Published:
I’ve been having an issue with Groov View and the layering system. Basically, sometimes sending a gadget to back or front will cause other gadgets to change their layer also. Sometimes it doesn’t...more
The Art of the Possible: Modern Security for Industrial Systems
Blog - Published:
Inductive Automation's Kevin McClusky suggests a different approach to make your industrial systems safe and secure in this month's featured guest blog. What would it take to break into Fort Knox? As...more
Discovery Day Indiana: Energy INsights
Blog - Published:
Upcoming seminar introduces new Indiana statewide program to reduce energy costs for manufacturers. Join us for an exciting preview of new digital transformation technology at Discovery Day Indiana...more
PAC Control PRO Search Function no longer working
Forum - Published:
Has anyone seen an issue where the find function in PAC Control PRO fails to load? I can see that the find window has opened but it is blank and will not switch to it, like it has locked up. I have...more
Use Node-RED to detect status of EPIC module?
Forum - Published:
In our EPIC we have installed a GRV-OVMAILP-8 in slot 1. It has turned from solid blue to solid red without any obvious reasons why, causing us to do a hard reboot. We have an open issue with Opto22...more
Selecting a Solid state relay for a 1HP 120VAC motor
Forum - Published:
I have a customer with a 1HP 120VAC pump ùsing a smart device to time and control it. Another person has tried some generic 25A 250V and 40A 380V SSRs with all failure. One 25A unit faled-open, one...more
IO unit communication fail in GRV-EPIC PR2 controller
Forum - Published:
Hi all, I am using Groove epic PR2 controller for data communication with Modbus TCP IP device. For this purpose I have tried using MMP. But communication with IO unit is not able to enabled. I tried...more
PAC Control R10.3c IO export crash / updating to newer PAC Control?
Forum - Published:
To ensure my calibration parameters are backed up externally (in a readable text format), I tried using the: I/O Units | right-click | Export menu, which created the File Name dialog: Export I/O Units...more
One conference, two ways to experience ICC X
Blog - Published:
The annual Ignition Community Conference is celebrating its 10th year with a return to an in-person event as well as a virtual option. The Ignition Community Conference gathers the leading minds in...more
Create Remote Network with Rio
Forum - Published:
Hi, How can i connect multiple Rio devices in different networks or locations and control them with a controller remotely? Thanks Hector...
How can I Loop through an array?
Forum - Published:
Here is a small snip of code: if (ntZ001[0] == 3) then strDefrost_status[1] = "Pump Down"; elseif (ntZ001[0] == 4) then strDefrost_status[1] = "Preheat"; elseif (ntZ001[0] == 5) then...more
Cybersecurity on the Edge - Part 2
Blog - Published:
Part 2 of our interview with Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse addresses edge communications and reducing network complexity. Last week in the OptoBlog, we shared a recent interview where Josh Eastburn...more
DOTNET with new firmware
Forum - Published:
I have a custom application using dotnet with both EPIC and RIO devices. After upgrading firmware and testing, dotnet gives warnings about needing a version number for libstdc++. The library is...more
32-bit integers that represent boolean values aren't presented as booleans
Knowledge Base - KB90400 - Published:
In PAC Control, if you define a 32-bit integer to represent a boolean value, the tag that the Data Service creates should be defined as boolean. With this issue, the tag is defined as a 32-bit integer.
MQTT/Data Service may not issue Death Certificate when MQTT service restarted
Knowledge Base - KB90390 - Published:
When a groov EPIC or groov RIO restarts MQTT/Data Service, they should issue a Death Certificate to indicate that subsequent tag data is stale. However, with this issue, groov EPIC and groov RIO do not issue the Death Certificate.