SNAP I/O Racks Data Sheet

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Updated: 12/28/2023

SNAP B-series mounting racks are designed to hold an intelligent SNAP I/O processor (either a SNAP brain or an on-the-rack controller) and several I/O modules.

This data sheet includes detailed information and specifications for SNAP B-series racks as well as the digital-only SNAP-D64RS rack. Rack fuses and DIN-rail adapters are also included in the data sheet.

B-series racks are used with serial and some Ethernet I/O processors.

  • With Ethernet processors such as the SNAP-B3000-ENET, B-series racks hold analog, digital, and serial modules.
  • With serial processors such as the serial B3000 brain, they hold analog and digital modules.
This document applies to these parts: NOTE: For racks to use with SNAP PAC brains and rack-mounted controllers, or with SNAP-UP1-M64 and SNAP Simple brains, see Form #1684, the SNAP PAC Racks Data Sheet.