SNAP Power Monitoring Modules Data Sheet

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Updated: 01/29/2020

This data sheet describes the SNAP-AIPM, SNAP-AIPM-3, and SNAP-AIPM-3V analog input modules. These modules monitor AC voltage and current through a SNAP PAC rack-mounted controller or SNAP PAC brain.

The SNAP-AIPM monitors single-phase AC. The SNAP-AIPM-3 and SNAP-AIPM-3V monitor three-phase AC.

The SNAP-AIPM not only measures volts and amps simultaneously, but also calculates true power and volt-amps. From these values, you can easily calculate power factor. The SNAP-AIPM-3 and SNAP-AIPM-3V measure volts and amps and calculate true power and volt-amps for each of the three phases, and in addition calculate true power sums for all three.