B3000-B Serial Brains User's Guide

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Updated: 06/04/2020

B3000-B brains are serial brains designed as drop-in replacements for the obsolete B3000. Two models are

  • The B3000-B replaces a B3000 that uses the mistic protocol. This model is compatible with FactoryFloor controllers running OptoControl strategies and SNAP B-series mounting racks. The B3000-B has the same functionality as the B3000 but supports mistic only.
  • The B3000-B-OMUX replaces a B3000 that uses the Optomux protocol. This model is compatible with SNAP B-series mounting racks and contains firmware suited for an Optomux system.
The two models have identical hardware but different firmware. The B3000-B-OMUX has an identifying label on its side. This guide shows you how to configure, wire, and maintain both brains.