Case Study: Mariah Meat Packing Plant

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Updated: 04/02/2019

At the Mariah Meat Packing Plant, rising utility costs were reducing profits and threatening the plant's very existence. Holmes Energy, experts in facility energy management, designed and installed an AutoPilot Energy Information System to monitor and reduce Mariah’s electrical costs.

The AutoPilot system, based on hardware from Opto 22, provided connections to electric meters and facility machinery and equipment. Data gathered by the AutoPilot hardware showed that Mariah’s refrigeration system accounted for two thirds of the plant’s total electrical consumption and also revealed longstanding problems with the system that were costing Mariah hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ultimately, the information provided by the AutoPilot system helped Mariah reduce its utility costs and increase profits by providing a way to make critical business decisions regarding plant operations based on real-time data, rather than estimates or educated guesses.