SNAP PAC REST API and the Internet of Things - for OT Professionals

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Updated: 04/28/2017

We’ve all heard about the Internet of Things (IoT) and its promises: bringing useful data directly to people who make business decisions, and enabling machines to communicate with each other and make decisions for human benefit.

But how does the IoT actually work? How does the data get from inside these physical "things" to computer networks where it can be used?

This technical paper describes that pathway for OT (operational technology) professionals—automation professionals. It describes the kinds of data you may be asked to provide and why. It explains how data from physical "things"—especially existing sensors and actuators that have no IoT capabilities built in—can be securely communicated to company computer networks, without disturbing control networks.

The paper also explains concepts important to any IoT strategy, like encryption and authentication, and introduces a new method to achieve the IoT results you need now, without requiring a complex chain of conversion hardware and software.

Learn about the REST API and the IoT from an information technology (IT) professional's standpoint in the companion tech note, SNAP PAC REST API and the Internet of Things - for IT Professionals.