Create a Weather App with groov and Node-RED (Quick Start Guide)

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Updated: 06/23/2018

This OptoTutorial will help you quickly develop a fully-functioning weather reporting application with minimal effort. You don’t even need to know groov—this tutorial walks you through each step from beginning to end.

The tutorial’s zip file contains code for a groov page, prebuilt with gadgets to display weather data. It also contains code for Node-RED flows that get, package, and send data from the Weather Underground (wunderground) API to groov

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What you need
o A groov Box (part GROOV-AR1-BASE) with internet access and running groov R3.4c or higher
o A groov API key
o Node-RED and the groov Nodes package (which comes preinstalled on groov Boxes)
o A wunderground API key, free with registration on their website