Case Study: Tucker Energy Services' DIY Upgrade

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Updated: 05/14/2024

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Based in the twin island nation Trinidad and Tobago, Tucker Energy Services (TES) is a leading provider of specialty services for the Oil and Gas industry. Their offerings include well cementing, coiled tubing, high pressure tubing, wireline and mud logging services, and they also operate their own Liquid Mud Plant, a crucial component in drilling operations. However, they discovered that outdated equipment and insufficient data management were hindering their ability to deliver services reliably and efficiently.

As TES researched options such as ready-made systems for monitoring and data acquisition, they realized these pricey solutions would not only require them to rely on third-party integrators for expensive maintenance, but also leave them with limited control over their systems. This just wouldn't do!

In this case study, read how Tucker Energy Services leveraged the Opto 22 groov EPIC product family to create an economical DIY solution that not only improved their operations, but provided the flexibility they needed to tackle future improvements.