Energy Monitoring HMI for OptoEMU Sensor

File Size: 30320 KB
Version: R3.0a
Updated: 07/27/2012

The Energy Monitoring HMI (human-machine interface) for OptoEMU Sensor gives you a simple way to see the energy your facility is using, so you can analyze this detailed data and take steps to reduce energy costs.

The Energy Monitoring HMI displays data from one OptoEMU Sensor (any model). The HMI can be used as is or adapted to suit your needs. See the Quick Start: Energy Monitoring HMI for OptoEMU Sensor for more information.

The product download includes all the software you need: PAC Display Basic and the HMI project file.

Note: Requires an OptoEMU Sensor™ energy monitoring unit, already installed and configured.