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Updated: 06/20/2017

A fully-configured groov project demonstrating how to build and use both simple and complex gadgets.

In the demo you’ll see how to:

  • Show the value from a temperature sensor in the submersible James Cameron used to explore the bottom of the Marianas Trench
  • Control a tank level and an auger in a brewery
  • Trend electrical demand data for a wind farm

We’ll also look at some more complex capabilities, like these:

  • Show a rotating graphic in your interface, like a compass
  • Show machinery states with animated GIFs, like the turbines at the wind farm
  • Indicate changes with multiple images, like the fermenter’s tank level in the brewery

If you're using the groov Free Trial, see Getting Started with the groov Free Trial, form 2118.

If you have a groov Box, see groov View Demo Technical Note, form 2257.