M4SENET-100 Ethernet Adapter Card Firmware

File Size: 171 KB
Version: R5.1f
Updated: 03/18/2010

This file contains the current release of the M4SENET-100 Ethernet adapter card firmware, which includes a Telnet interface for communicating with the card.

Important Instructions
If you are upgrading firmware on an M4SENET-100 card manufactured prior to August 2003 (or a card that has firmware prior to version 5.0), you will need Form 1156, the M4SENET-100 Installation Guide.

Here are the steps:

1. Write down all settings that you have saved to flash, for example, security settings.

2. Important: Using the Operation Code in the Status Write area of the Web pages for the card, clear flash memory.

3. Now load the new firmware, following instructions in Form 1156, M4SENET-100 Installation Guide.

4. Using Telnet and following the steps in  Form 1156, M4SENET-100 Installation Guide dated June 2003 or newer, reset the settings you wrote down in step 1 and save them to flash.

If you did not clear flash memory (step 2), Telnet will not work with your card. In that case, you must reset the card to factory defaults and then assign an IP address to it before you can reset settings. Steps for resetting to factory defaults and assigning an IP address are in Form 1156, M4SENET-100 Installation Guide.

Note: You will need ioManager or PAC Mangager software to install this upgrade on your M4SENET-100 card.