Opto 22 MIB file for SNMP v1-compliant Management Systems

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Updated: 12/17/2014

Opto.mib is a management information base (MIB) file that describes the Opto 22 network objects, such as SNAP Ethernet-based brains or controllers, that can be managed using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). If you are using SNAP Ethernet systems with an SNMP-compliant management system such as Computer Associates' Unicenter®, Hewlett-Packard's OpenView®, or IBM's Tivoli®, you will need to download this MIB file.

This MIB file is used with SNMP 1.0-compliant management systems. If your management system uses SNMP 2.0c, download the SNMP 2.0c version of the OptoMIB file.

To use this 1.0 OptoMIB to access the scratch pad area of a SNAP Ultimate brain, the brain must have firmware version 5.0 or higher installed.