OptoEMU Browser Toolbar

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Updated: 05/01/2012

OPTOEMU-SNR-TB is a free toolbar for the Firefox browser that shows real-time energy usage data from an OptoEMU Sensor, right in your browser while you surf the web. You choose the data you want to see. You can also see data in a browser window as a table or graph, or in a desktop widget.

This free toolbar was developed by JayNick.com, LLC, an experienced developer of standalone and browser-based applications for sensor and device communication, data acquisition, and real-time data monitoring.

Before you download, read the Legal Agreement.

- An OptoEMU Sensor connected to a network that is reachable from your PC
- Firefox web browser

1. Open Firefox and download this product.
2. Click Install Now.
3. If you see a message saying you need to restart Firefox, restart it now.
The toolbar should appear just below any other toolbars you have in Firefox.
4. To get started, click the Help tab at the far right of the toolbar, choose Options, and enter your OptoEMU Sensor's IP address or domain name.
5. For more information, click the Help tab in the toolbar and choose Help File.