OptoMMP Server

File Size: 480 KB
Version: R1.0
Updated: 08/09/2011

The OptoMMP Server is a 100% managed .NET Windows Service that emulates the I/O Unit "Scratchpad" functionality found in Opto 22's SNAP PAC family of Ethernet-connected products. Running on a Windows-based PC, OptoMMP Server provides a high-performance scratchpad engine.

  • Provides a method to back up system setpoints or states from PAC controllers.
  • In multiple-controller configurations that share data with scratchpads, the OptoMMP Server creates a single high-performance scratchpad array.
  • Support for extended numeric scratchpad arrays.
OptoMMP Server supports IPv4 and IPv6 network connectivity (Windows XP installations support IPv4 only).

Before you download, read the Legal Agreements.

If using OptoMMP Server with Windows XP Professional 32-bit, Service Pack 3 must be installed. Windows Vista Business 64-bit is also supported.

If your computer implements an internet firewall, it may need to be disabled or exceptions added to allow external devices to access the server. For example, to allow your strategy (or another PC) to "see" this "Generic OptoMMP Device," you may need to turn off the Domain piece of the Windows Firewall.

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