OptoTerminal Firmware (2007, v R2.50)

File Size: 1403 KB
Version: R2.50
Updated: 04/20/2007

The OptoTerminal Firmware file contains the current firmware versions for the OptoTerminal-G70 and OptoTerminal-G75 operator interfaces. See the OptoTerminal Qlarity Foundry User's Manual for firmware installation instructions.

IMPORTANT: Two firmware files are provided for each OptoTerminal (for example: G70_mips_2.500.bin and G70_xscale_2.500.bin). Install the file that matches your terminal (mips or xscale). Here are ways to tell:

  • - If your terminal has firmware prior to 2.0, it needs the mips file.
  • - When you prepare the terminal for download, watch the status messages on the screen. One of them will show the firmware type, such as "firmware version 2.500 (xscale)" or "firmware version 2.500 (mips)".
  • - If you don't see the message, start the terminal in Power On Setup mode. Select Feedback, make sure that Disp is selected, and look for the type. (See the OptoTerminal Quick Start Guide for steps to start an OptoTerminal in Power On Setup mode.)

If you try to download the wrong firmware, no harm is done. You'll just get an error message.