C++ OptoMMP Software Development Kit for groov EPIC, groov RIO, and SNAP PAC

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Version: R5.0a-001
Updated: 04/22/2022

This free product is a C++ developer toolkit for Windows® and Linux. The toolkit lets you use C++ programming tools such as Visual Studio® 2015 (Unmanaged C++) or the GNU Compiler Collection to communicate with Opto 22 processors, controllers, and brains that use the OptoMMP protocol. NOTE: This SDK no longer contains ActiveX support. As of version R4.0c, it no longer supports Windows 7 or 8.1.

If you are using .NET, see the .NET OptoMMP SDK instead.

For a complete list of supported platforms and products, see the Specifications tab on the PAC-DEV-OPTOMMP-CPLUS product page.

All source code is included, along with examples. Full API documentation is included in the file. The complete memory map is an appendix in the OptoMMP Protocol Guide (form 1465).