DNP3 Integration Kit for PAC Control

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Version: R8.1p
Updated: 10/02/2014

IMPORTANT: The DNP3 Integration Kit for PAC Control is available as a free download from our website. It is provided as freeware in "as is" condition and may be used at your own risk. Product support is not provided. See Form 1773, User's Guide: DNP3 Integration Kit for PAC Control and the README for DNP3 Integration Kit for PAC Control for more information. Before you download this Integration Kit, read the Legal Agreement

The DNP3 Integration Kit for PAC Control allows Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers, using PAC Control™, to connect via an Ethernet network or serial port and communicate using DNP3, the Distributed Network Protocol.

The integration kit contains:

  • An example DNP3 strategy containing the DNP3 charts that are imported into a strategy to enable an Opto 22 controller to communicate as a DNP3 Level 2 Master or Outstation.
  • A set of PAC Control subroutines that are added to a strategy to add DNP Events.
  • A PAC Control subroutine that is used by the DNP3_Master chart.
  • An Error Handler chart to manage I/O and log errors.
Note: Before including the subroutines in your strategy, you will need a PC running PAC Control Professional 8.1a or later.