DNP3 Integration Kit for PAC Control

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File Size: 656 KB
Version: R8.1p
Updated: 10/02/2014

The DNP3 Integration Kit for PAC Control allows Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers, using PAC Control™, to connect via an Ethernet network or serial port and communicate using DNP3, the Distributed Network Protocol.

The integration kit contains:

  • An example DNP3 strategy containing the DNP3 charts that are imported into a strategy to enable an Opto 22 controller to communicate as a DNP3 Level 2 Master or Outstation.
  • A set of PAC Control subroutines that are added to a strategy to add DNP Events.
  • A PAC Control subroutine that is used by the DNP3_Master chart.
  • An Error Handler chart to manage I/O and log errors.
Note: Before including the subroutines in your strategy, you will need a PC running PAC Control Professional 8.1a or later.