OptoAgent Integration (for CA Unicenter NSM 3.1)

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Version: 5.0b
Updated: 08/30/2004

OptoAgent Integration for CA Unicenter, in conjunction with Opto 22 SNMP-enabled Ethernet hardware, provides a convenient method for monitoring and managing real-world devices and business assets. OptoAgent allows for real-world data to be integrated into Unicenter.


The OptoAgent Integration supports both SNMP traps and polling to keep Unicenter updated on the current state of the hardware, and alert Unicenter of any problems. It also gives the user the ability to control the Opto 22 hardware.

OptoAgent Integration takes advantage of Unicenter Agent technology to graphically represent the Opto 22 hardware to the user. This Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes monitoring and managing real-world assets intuitive.

OptoAgent gives you the ability to read and write digital and analog I/O points that are attached to the Opto 22 hardware. These I/O points are connected to real-world electrical, mechanical, and electronic devices - such as lights, temperature and pressure sensors, motors, and serial devices. Using Unicenter, OptoAgent, and Opto 22 hardware, you can manage these real-world devices.

You can use ioManager software to configure the Opto 22 hardware and I/O points for use with OptoAgent. You can also configure OptoAgent to send SNMP traps based upon events you define.

Once the Opto 22 hardware and I/O points are configured, you can use OptoAgent View to see information about the Opto 22 hardware and the status and values of digital and analog I/O points.

OptoAgent Integration is CA Smart Certified for CA Unicenter NSM 3.1.