SoftPAC Controller Firmware

File Size: 1031 KB
Version: R10.4e
Updated: 10/06/2023

This download contains the current firmware for the SOFTPAC software-based controller. For information on changes and fixes in the current version, see the README document .

NOTE: This file is saved as a zip file to prevent newer browsers from automatically unzipping the file during the download process.

To upgrade your SoftPAC firmware, download and unzip this file, and then (in SoftPAC Monitor > Update Firmware) find and select the file with the .bin extension (SoftPAC-version number.bin).

Updating to SoftPAC R9.5a or higher 
In any version of SoftPAC, if you try to use the Update Firmware link in SoftPAC Monitor to upgrade to version R9.5a or higher, you will not find the correct firmware file. To update SoftPAC from version R9.4c or lower to version R9.5a or higher, run the software installer.