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After PAC Control strategy is updated, groov View reports tags not available
Knowledge Base - KB88974 - Published:
If you rename tags in a PAC Control strategy and update that strategy in groov View, groov View may continue to try to use the original tag names. Affected gadgets will show yellow triangles and report...more
groov View: OPC-UA servers may return UnsignedByte values when Byte values are expected
Knowledge Base - KB88928 - Published:
Gadgets connected to Byte or Byte Array tags on an OPC-UA server may show a yellow triangle, with an error message like this: The string is configured as a INT8_ARRAY, but the type returned from the server is UnsignedByte.
All groov View gadgets connected to the same OPC-UA scanner show yellow triangles
Knowledge Base - KB88927 - Published:
If the OPC-UA server returns NULL results, groov View's OPC-UA scanner may disconnect from the server. Then all gadgets that are connected to that OPC-UA scanner show yellow triangles.
groov View Level Indicator gadget label is not updated as you edit it
Knowledge Base - KB88868 - Published:
When you're editing a Level Indicator gadget label, the gadget is not immediately updated to show you your changes. However, the changes are being applied; you can see that they are by switching to a different page and back.  
Cannot connect directly to groov View using port forwarding
Knowledge Base - KB88815 - Published:
If you are using port forwarding to access your GRV-EPIC-PR1 on a port that is different from the default port 443, you may not be able to reach groov View directly. Specifically, if you do not have...more
groov View conditional formatting inputs may not allow decimal values
Knowledge Base - KB88809 - Published:
For gadgets that allow conditional inputs (for example, a Value gadget), formatting may allow only integers and ignore decimal points. This issue does not appear to affect all browsers; Chrome may allow decimal values.
groov View: Clearing a Text Area gadget's text doesn't work
Knowledge Base - KB88791 - Published:
In Build mode, if you clear a Text Area gadget's text by selecting all of the text and pressing the Delete or Backspace key, the text box will clear, but the gadget itself won't be updated. In...more
Enable Communication to [All] I/O Unit[s] commands resets all Mistic PID parameters
Knowledge Base - KB88738 - Published:
Executing the Enable Communication to All I/O Units or Enable Communication to I/O Unit command resets all Mistic PID parameters to their default settings. This only affects Mistic I/O Units.
Millisecond count incorrect at 0xF030 0228
Knowledge Base - KB88912 - Published:
If your GRV-EPIC-PR1 has been powered up for more than 50 days (or possibly as few as 25 days), the 64-bit milliseconds since powerup value at OptoMMP memory map address 0xF030 0228. will be incorrect. The value will be much too high.
Password may become blank
Knowledge Base - KB89013 - Published:
If you edit a user account without changing the password, when you save the account, the password becomes blank. The next time you try to login with that user ID, you won't be able to login with its password.
SSH: Some Vimrc settings changed or missing
Knowledge Base - KB88978 - Published:
A Vim resource configuration (vimrc) file in version 2.0.0 of the firmware changes or deletes settings that were in the 1.5.0 (or earlier) version of the firmware. One symptom you may observe is that...more