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SNAP PAC I/O Coprocessor Firmware (Single Download)
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I/O coprocessor firmware for rack-mounted SNAP PAC controllers and brains (single download). Not all rack-mounted Opto 22 products have an I/O coprocessor.  See the SNAP PAC I/O Coprocessor...more
Application Brief: Perceptive Controls
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Smaller water and wastewater treatment districts often have difficulty funding SCADA systems to monitor their operations as required. In addition, remote and rural equipment sites are much more difficult...more
Press Release: Opto 22 Joins The Linux Foundation
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Opto 22 fortifies its commitment to open-source technology by joining The Linux Foundation. Industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 champions open-source technology by joining The Linux...more
Press Release: Opto 22 and Dell Exhibit at Hannover Messe 2017
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Opto 22 and Dell bridge the OT/IT gap to deliver Industrial IoT solutions at Hannover Messe 2017. Automation manufacturer Opto 22 and IoT solutions provider Dell announce joint product exhibition at...more
2017 White Paper: State of the IIoT, 2017
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The next industrial revolution, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is happening now. This white paper summarizes the key IIoT trends from 2016, with predictions and recommendations for 2017 on: ...more
Opto 22 conecta dispositivos industriales del mundo real a millones de Raspberry Pi con el lanzamiento de una tarjeta de montaje, Digital I/O Carrier Board para Raspberry Pi
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Opto 22 conecta dispositivos industriales del mundo real a millones de Raspberry Pi® con el lanzamiento de una tarjeta de montaje, Digital I/O Carrier Board para Raspberry Pi. El Digital I/O...more
Opto 22 announces relationship with Dell to develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) applications
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Opto 22 announces relationship with Dell to develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Automation manufacturer Opto 22 and Dell join forces to bridge the gap between existing...more
PAC Project 9.6 Release Notes
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Release Notes for PAC Project Software Suite, version 9.6. PAC Project Basic provides control programming, HMI development and runtime, and configuration and utility programs. PAC Project Professional...more
Case Study: Hashemite University Solar
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The country of Jordan, with few oil resources, imports 96% of its energy needs from neighboring Middle Eastern countries. Starting in 2007, the Jordanian government committed to investing heavily in...more
Case Study: ISI Water Desalination
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Once a haven for pirates, today Nassau and nearby islands host thousands of tourists. One essential is fresh water, and most resorts rely on desalination to provide it. This case study follows a...more
Node-RED for groov Box Readme Notes
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Latest Readme for the open-source software Node-RED for the GROOV-AR1 groov Box. This Readme provides information on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. To get the latest groov updates, go to
California RoHS Statement of Compliance - Industrial Control and Monitoring Instruments
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This document is a statement of compliance with the California Code of Regulations—Public Resources Code Section 42463, effective January 1, 2007, on the restriction of the use of certain...more
Connect Industrial Devices to IBM Watson IoT Technical Note
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If you've heard about our Opto 22 SNAP PACs with their built-in RESTful API (application program interface), you may be wondering how you'd use that API to send real-world data to the IBM...more
Build a Raspberry Pi with Node-RED and Industrial I/O
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The Raspberry Pi® is a tiny, powerful, inexpensive computer, capable of many tasks. Couple the Pi to industrial, solid-state Opto 22 digital inputs and outputs, and you can build cost...more
SNAP PAC RESTful API to Excel Spreadsheet Example
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This download contains sample spreadsheets you can use to read from and write to an Opto 22 SNAP PAC programmable automation controller via the PAC’s RESTful API. In this way you can...more
E1 and E2 Open-Source Software
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IMPORTANT: You do NOT need to download this to operate E1 and E2 brain boards. It is a collection of source code intended for software developers only, and requires a solid understanding of the Linux...more
CAD 3D Drawing: SNAP-TEX-DRC10 DIN-Rail Adapter Clips
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This CAD file contains a 3-dimensional drawing of the SNAP-TEX-DRC10 DIN-rail adapter clips for mounting a SNAP PAC rack or breakout board on a DIN rail. For use with either narrow or wide end caps.
PEXMode File
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Port expander mode (PEXMode) file. Modify and load this QuickServer configuration file to connect your Modbus RTU device to a groov Box or Server, so you can monitor and control data on the Modbus RTU...more