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Codesys Online Error
Forum - Published:
Hi, I am trying to download CodeSys program into groov RIO, but seem like the Opto22 Library having some issue. Anyone experience this before? image1323×938 61.8 KB image1631×1014 65.9 KB image1652×1012...more
Groov EPIC Permissions
Forum - Published:
I’m wondering if there are any plans to expand the user classes for Groov EPIC devices. I would like to create a user account for my maintenance crew to use when troubleshooting issues with I/O devices...more
J1939 with EPIC CCANI-2 module
Forum - Published:
I’m having some trouble getting J1939 messages in Codesys using EPIC. I know it isn’t officially supported but I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I started out with greichert’s...more
Groov view - 500 server error
Forum - Published:
When I try to copy paste any gadgets i get 500 server error. Does anyone face this issue. How it clear this error? Update: Found the issue. When i copy gadgets from other window and paste to different...more
Modern Browser Woes
Forum - Published:
Hows it going everyone? Got another odd complication Im running into, doesnt seem to be an Opto problem in this case but Im wondering if anyone else has run into this and if so any advice that can be...more
RIO MQTT set up & validation error in:
Forum - Published:
Hi Opto22 folks, I am unable to get a connection validated to our MQTT broker (Solace). I am not using SSL, authentication or certs, etc. ERROR|2023-12-05 13:25:39,409||805|MQTT protocol...more
Understanding Your Industrial Electricity Bill
Blog - Published:
The first step toward reducing your energy spend is to analyze your utility bill. In my previous blog post, “Why Consider Energy Monitoring” I proposed that acquiring data was essential to any project...more
Sparkplug is now an International Standard ISO/IEC 20237:2023
Blog - Published:
The Eclipse Foundation recently announced the Sparkplug international standard achievement. Sparkplug, the MQTT specification that enhances the way your Opto 22 groov systems communicate and operate, has...more
Wishing you an EPIC holiday season
Blog - Published:
Watch how Opto 22's Terry Orchard is designing and spreading some EPIC holiday cheer this season. As we near the end of 2023, the Opto 22 team would like to extend our warmest wishes and gratitude to all...more
Reading Controller information groove epic
Forum - Published:
Hi, Is it possible to read system status information like temperature cpu load etc…? We would like to create a device monitoring view in a scada system. I’ve found the forum: “Flow to get CPU die...more
Unhandled Exception error when stopping all links in OptoDataLink
Knowledge Base - KB90778 - Published:
When you attempt to stop all links in OptoDataLink Configurator (or from OptoDataLink Monitor in the Windows system tray), you may encounter a Microsoft .NET Framework “Unhandled exception” error.
Can't Find Where Palette Write File is Actually Saved
Forum - Published:
Hello, I am new to Node Red and cannot find where a simple text file is written to when using the node Write File. I am just using 4 nodes, an inject, write file, read file, and debug with the path...more
On/Off-Time Totalization values from groov discrete outputs not updating in PAC Display Runtime
Knowledge Base - KB90755 - Published:
When configuring a Dynamic Attribute object (such as a Text object) in PAC Display Runtime to use a value tag on a groov discrete output channel configured with the On-Time or Off-Time Totalizer...more
A new and improved SVG and GIF library for your HMI projects
Blog - Published:
Take your groov View HMI to the next level! Are you building HMI screens to use with your groov EPIC (GRV-EPIC-PR1 or GRV-EPIC-PR2) or groov Server for Windows (GROOV-SVR-WIN-BASE)? We can help! We've...more
Groov View Page Library
Forum - Published:
I have 20+ pages to build from scratch. Not too good with groov build yet. Anyone has already some pages that are willing to share? I want to see what the community is capable of. Looking for: Diesel...more
EPIC lost communication / won't turn back on
Forum - Published:
Tried turning on one of our EPICs after a period of being powered down… all modules are red, the power is red, but no indicator on the status, and the touchscreen will not turn on. It was reset with a...more
Forum - Published:
I’m trying to connect my PAC controller to my Groov RIO device through Ethernet and followed all steps for that, still it’s not allowing me to connect and flashing an error code: 10057 showing Enternet Socket Error....
MMP address change doesnt reflect on pac control
Forum - Published:
Why changes made through mmp address doesn’t change change pac control. Ex. I changed the channel type for rio through mmp address but it doesnt make any change in pac control io configuration. Is...more
What is OptoMMP?
Blog - Published:
Learn more about the Opto Memory Map Protocol—a powerful method of interacting with Opto 22 controllers OptoMMP works with everything from SNAP PAC brains to the latest groov products. Let's go over...more
Advanced HMI Design
Blog - Published:
Learn advanced design techniques for groov View in the latest groov workshop video. Opto 22's Paul Hardt shows you ways to make your groov View operator interface even better—with a basic layout...more
OptoDataLink SQL database transaction fails due to "Incorrect syntax” error from NULL data values
Knowledge Base - KB90796 - Published:
When you configure a SQL database as a destination in OptoDataLink, you may encounter an Incorrect syntax near ‘)’ message in the error log, and no data will be logged to the destination database.
Fuel sender 33-240 Ohm connection
Forum - Published:
We need to find the best way to connect our standard 33-240 Ohm fuel sender to any groov epic card. Curently wondering if we can use a rtd card. Anyone has tried anything?...
CODESYS structured text priority and syntax
Forum - Published:
I’ve got a CODESYS project connected to my groov that’s not acting how I expect. I have a structured text POU like this: IF TestInput THEN TestOutput := TRUE; ELSE TestOutput := FALSE; END_IF Those...more
Wiring Printout
Forum - Published:
Hello, Is there a way to print out the I/O Modules and Points from PAC Control? Currently, I expand it, take several screen shots and print these out to pass to our electrician doing the wiring. Surely there’s an easier way. Thanks in advance, Martin....