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groov RIO Learning Center Package
Downloads - Published:
The groov RIO Learning Center Package contains a fully functional configuration file for the groov RIO Learning Center, complete with configured I/O, Node-RED flows, a PID, and more. The...more
groov RIO Learning Center Setup
Documents - 2361 - Published:
This document comes in the box with your groov RIO Learning Center (part number GRV-RIO-LC). It shows you how to set up and use the Learning Center, including how to assemble and start it, install...more
groov RIO Learning Center Data Sheet
Documents - 2360 - Published:
The groov RIO® Learning Center, part number GRV-RIO-LC, is a fully functioning package of Opto 22 hardware and software designed to help you learn how to use groov© RIO. The companion...more
groov EPIC Learning Center Setup
Documents - 2311 - Published:
This document comes in the box with your groov EPIC Learning Center (part number GRV-EPIC-LC). It shows you how to set up and use the Learning Center, including how to assemble and start it, install...more
Changes to Inputs Received Slower Than Configured Streaming Interval
Knowledge Base - KB89593 - Published:
In a CODESYS application, input values from I/O will not be as fresh as the configured Streaming Internal. When you are monitoring the values of discrete or analog inputs (for example, through the...more
"Definition Unknown" or Other Errors When Host/Listener Port is 22002
Knowledge Base - KB89551 - Published:
If your PAC Control strategy requests communication through port 22002, you may observe a "Definition Unknown" error or other strange behavior. The following is a partial list of ways a PAC...more
No indication when components in backup file fail to restore
Knowledge Base - KB89500 - Published:
When you are restoring from a backup file, it's possible that the overall restoration process finishes, but one or more components may not have been restored successfully. groov Manage should show...more
OptoMMP Server Resets When Writing to Modbus/TCP Holding Register(s) with Unit ID Greater Than 1
Knowledge Base - KB89480 - Published:
When using Modbus/TCP to write to Holding register(s) with Unit ID greater than one on a groov EPIC I/O unit or groov RIO unit, the OptoMMP server will reset.  This will cause the groov I/O or RIO...more
PAC Control Strategy Can't Access Remote groov EPIC I/O Unit After I/O Unit Reboots
Knowledge Base - KB89421 - Published:
If a PAC Control strategy has a remote groov EPIC I/O unit that is configured with a hostname, then if that I/O unit restarts (for example, it goes through a power cycle) and the DHCP server assigns it...more
Local Touchscreen Responds to Touches When Processor Connected to External Monitor by HDMI
Knowledge Base - KB88812 - Published:
When an external monitor is connected to the HDMI port of the groov EPIC processor, the touchscreen goes blank and should not respond to touches. However, with this issue, the touchscreen does respond to touches.
Changes to USB Permissions Do Not Take Effect Immediately
Knowledge Base - KB88802 - Published:
This is an informational KB article. The groov EPIC processor is behaving correctly. When you are changing the permissions settings on a USB storage media (from groov Manage Home...more
System update file upload fails near end of upload
Knowledge Base - KB89034 - Published:
On rare occasions, a system update fails near the end of the update and displays one of the following messages: The client failed to upload the system update file. Failed to upload system update....more
Firmware update fails for firmware files larger than ~2 GB
Knowledge Base - KB89435 - Published:
You are more likely to see this issue if you try to install a firmware file that has "ignition8" in the filename without first installing the corresponding firmware file that has "...more
How to use the Node-RED package for groov View
Videos - Published:
Node-RED is a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things, by wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. The Node-RED for groov View nodes...more
Can't Set Color or Text for On/Off Text Fields When Data Source is Bit
Knowledge Base - KB89530 - Published:
If you set a bit of an integer tag as the source for a Value or LED gadget, groov View doesn't allow you to set the text (for Value gadget) or color (for LED gadget) for the appropriate On and Off fields.