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Local Touchscreen Responds to Touches When Processor Connected to External Monitor by HDMI
Knowledge Base - KB88812 - Published:
When an external monitor is connected to the HDMI port of the groov EPIC processor, the touchscreen goes blank and should not respond to touches. However, with this issue, the touchscreen does respond to touches.
Changes to USB Permissions Do Not Take Effect Immediately
Knowledge Base - KB88802 - Published:
This is an informational KB article. The groov EPIC processor is behaving correctly. When you are changing the permissions settings on a USB storage media (from groov Manage Home, click...more
System update file upload fails near end of upload
Knowledge Base - KB89034 - Published:
On rare occasions, a system update fails near the end of the update and displays one of the following messages: The client failed to upload the system update file. Failed to upload system update...more
Firmware update fails for firmware files larger than ~2 GB
Knowledge Base - KB89435 - Published:
You are more likely to see this issue if you try to install a firmware file that has "ignition8" in the filename without first installing the corresponding firmware file that has "...more
Can't Set Color or Text for On/Off Text Fields When Data Source is Bit
Knowledge Base - KB89530 - Published:
If you set a bit of an integer tag as the source for a Value or LED gadget, groov View doesn't allow you to set the text (for Value gadget) or color (for LED gadget) for the appropriate On and Off fields.
Send Communication Handle Command Fails (-52 error) When Ethernet Cable Unplugged
Knowledge Base - KB88964 - Published:
When using an ftp communication handle in your PAC Control strategy with the command “Send Communication Handle Command”, it will fail with a -52 error under certain circumstances.
PAC Control: Some 32 Bits Commands Don't Copy Bit for Bit
Knowledge Base - KB89418 - Published:
Some PAC Control commands that should move values between a 32-bit integer and 32-bit float, bit for bit, so if you move an integer to a float and back, the value of the integer should be unchanged. With this issue, the value of the integer might change.
Redundant System I/O may not be Re-enabled after I/O Power Cycle
Knowledge Base - KB89414 - Published:
If an I/O unit on a redundant system is power cycled or rebooted, you may not be able to re-enable communication to it—either manually via the PAC Control debugger or programmatically&mdash...more
PAC Control: "Reset" Option on mistic PID has No Effect
Knowledge Base - KB89363 - Published:
On a mistic I/O unit, a PID control loop configured in PAC Control with the Reset option set may not behave as expected when placed into manual mode. Instead of being reset, the PID may remain active.
PAC Controller HTTP Status Return Code Incorrect
Knowledge Base - KB89137 - Published:
In PAC Control, when using the command HTTP GET, the HTTP code returned is the actual code multiplied by 65536. For example, if the return code is 13107200, the actual code is 13107200 divided by 65536, or 200.
Digital Input Counters and Latches May Be Incorrect After Remote I/O Device Restart
Knowledge Base - KB89456 - Published:
If your CODESYS application contains a remote GRV-EPIC-PR1 or GRV-R7-MM1001-10 that has some digital input channels configured with counters or latches, if the remote device restarts, the counters and latches may have incorrect values.